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What I do. I work for you as the Lead Investigator in your investigation. This means that I facilitate the process, from start to end. Normally this includes a number of process steps, all done in close coordination with the owner of the investigation (and, if you’re a contractor, maybe in coordination with your client): Setting the mandate; setting the investigation team; making a plan for the investigation; heading the investigation team; data review; conducting interviews; preparing a so-called ‘Facts report’ after a few days; data analysis; peer review; issuing the draft report; delivering the Handover Meeting with Senior Line Management; and realease of the final report.

How I do it. Based on my extensive experience as Lead Investigator I have defined the “5 principles of PROACTIVE INCIDENT INVESTIGATION®”: Sustainability. Curiosity. Engagement. Open process. It is what it is. See more here >> These are the principles I adhere to when I perform my role as Lead Investigator – unless very special circumstances call for another strategy. It is also the principles I advise my clients to work towards. Because if we do this we use the investigation process in itself to show Managers, Supervisors and Operators what it feels like, sounds like and looks like to work in a proactive culture. Working towards these principles supports and sustains a continuous improvement towards a culture with trust and two-way flow of information between the different layers in the organisation.

What I have done. I have lead over 30 investigations. The graphs below show their distribution in geography, industries and type of ‘business upset’. In my CV you will find a complete list of the investigations I have been involved in. Download mit CV her >>