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Sustainability. As a Manager in my organisation I’m a role model for the proactive culture we’re striving to achieve. I work continuously to develop my behavioural skills, to understand my strengths and limitations, to use them and accommodate for them in the best possible way.

Curiosity. As an organisation we are genuinely curious to learn from incidents. We want to understand the background and context of an incident. We want to comprehend the reasoning behind people’s acts and behaviour and we recognise that the way we manage our systems and our business has an impact on this.

Engagement. Anyone with questions or concerns about an incident are welcomed. This does not mean that all questions are answered, all information is shared or everyone gets it their way at all times. But it means that our organisation takes enquiries and concerns serious and we are professional when we handle them.

Open process. To establish a platform of trust and sharing we involve stakeholders in communication plans and some even in the investigation or as peers in the analysis of the incident. This also helps us understand the incident even better and be more precise in our learnings and remedial actions.

It is what it is. We allow time and resources in the process to engage in key talks with personnel and Managers about what happened and what they, our organisation and maybe even others can learn from this. Sometimes this means talking about ‘itchy’ topics, things that were done that ‘we just don’t do around here’. But if it happened it happened – and we embrace this opportunity to learn.