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Investigating DIFFERENTLY – 3-day training

Copenhagen 25th to 27th of August 2020

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Incident Investigation still constitutes one of the most powerful tools for organisational learning. 

Many organisations have achieved substantial improvements in both their business and safety performance in recent years. Even though incident rates have been lowered, the opportunity for deeper learning and challenging of prevailing assumptions to a large extent still remains anchored in the ability to adequately investigate incidents.

Harvesting the learning potential from such occurrences, however, remains a challenge and many reports remain stuck in proximal details of the latest incident combined with judgments of human performance, rather than explanations for why actions and assessments made sense at the time.

This three-day course is designed to address exactly that. Combining a total of more than three decades of industry experience with the most prominent thinking in contemporary safety science, this course will enable participants to move beyond human error and identify deeper levels of organisational behaviour that shaped individual performance.

Rather than focusing on methodology, the course applies theory, case studies and exercises to take participants through a reflection and discovery process, that provides a different way of understanding incidents.

 Completion of the course will provide participants with:

  • Clear recognition that people are the solution to problems, rather than the source of these.
  • Understanding of the incident management process including roles & responsibilities
  • The generic steps that apply for all Incident Investigations. 
  • Skills to lead, conduct or contribute to an incident investigation, including:
  • Gathering data, how to prioritise their collection and how to conduct interviews. Analysing data and draw conclusions. Issuing adequate recommendations. Avoiding common traps in reporting
  • Ability to identify the deeper systemic challenges, that underlie erroneous performance of individuals by applying simple, yet effective, models derived from the most prominent thinkers in safety science (Dekker, Hollnagel, Woods, Cook, Reason).

Instructors: Lisbeth Holberg & Marcian Tessin

Language: The course will be held in English 

Time: 25th-27th August 2020

Venue: Copenhagen, Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Duration: 3 days (Tue: 09:30-16:30, Wed: 08:30-16:00, Thurs: 08:30-15:00)

Price: 1550€ per participant excl. VAT
This includes Lunch, snacks and refreshments during the course as well as training material.

More information: On this page below or by email to or


This course is intended for everyone who is involved in the management or investigation of safety or quality related incidents. Hence, Managers of safety critical operations & projects, Incident Investigators or persons who otherwise contribute to or are recipients of incident investigation, will equally benefit from this training.

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Lisbeth Holberg worked as a QHSE expert in Oil & Gas exploration and production for 10 years, before she set out as an independent Lead Investigator in 2009. She has been heading investigation teams since 2005, now totalling more than 35 investigations of serious incidents in high risk industries. Types of incidents vary from fatal accidents, injuries to people (majority), damaged asset, project delay to overrun budget.

With an original background as M.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry from University of Copenhagen, Lisbeth has moved from environmental expert over all other positions in QHSE in Oil & Gas.

Lisbeth is an accredited Tripod Beta trainer and part of the international community of Tripod Beta Trainers and Assessors. She is also a big user of the Hearts & Minds tools as the basis of designing meaningful workshops.

Marcian Tessin was originally trained as Air Traffic Controller from Statens Luftfartsvæsen, DK. He has worked in area control centres in Copenhagen, Zürich and Geneva. Firsthand experience with the Überlingen mid-air collision in 2002, led him to commit his work to safety management, with focus on human, organisational and cultural factors. 

Roles have varied from leading investigations, functioning as corporate adviser to department head and have touched domains in aviation, oil & gas, thermal power, offshore wind and power distribution grids.

Marcian´s work is highly influenced by his studies with Prof. Sidney Dekker (MSc in Human Factors and System Safety from Lund University) and is devoted to translating safety scientific concepts and insights into tangible action for the business.