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Lisbeth Holdberg does not record any data that can be used to identify you unless you sign up for newsletters, or sign up for events. Lisbeth Holdberg does not disclose or sell any personal data to third parties. In order to understand our visitors, as well as the development and improvement of Lisbeth Holdberg, we collect statistics about visitor’s traffic on the website. For the most accurate statistics, we use cookies.

Cookies are a small text message that is stored in your web browser when you visit a website. This cookie allows Lisbeth Holdberg to keep an eye on how many people visit the website.

The cookie is only stored locally on your computer, and data from cookies can not be used to collect personal information. The only purpose is to of give Lisbeth Holdberg a statistic of which pages are being visited on the website.

We encourage you to accept the cookies the website uses as they help us improve the user experience for you and many others. Additionally, some of the items on the page will require cookies.

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