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About me

My name is Lisbeth Holberg. I have worked as an independent consultant since 2009. My niche has always been as independent Lead Investigator. I have a solid experience and proven skills and techniques to guide and assist clients in serious or complex investigations.

I am also a trainer in incident management and incident investigation, supporting managers and experts in skills to handle and analyse incidents efficiently and with competence.

Based on my experiences from incident investigation I have gotten more and more involved in coaching and training of Managers and teams in Safety Leadership. I am a trained and experienced coach and I prefer fact driven workshops to make Safety Leadership and Culture tangible and concrete.

I have worked with almost all aspects of HSEQ in offshore Oil & Gas activities since 2000, primarily related to drilling operations. Since then I have added Wind Farm activities as a key competence. I have a sound sense of business and together we find a way to fit continuous improvements in safety and culture into the everyday life of a Manager.

I work internationally. I have relevant offshore certificates, updated and ready to go.

Key competences

  • Industries: Offshore operations – Oil & Gas – Wind Farms – Power Plants
  • Lead Investigator – Offshore and Onshore
  • Accredited Tripod BETA practitioner and –trainer
  • Bowtie facilitator and -trainer
  • Trainer and Coach to managers – How to be a Leader of Safety in practice: What does it mean? How do I do it?
  • Design and implementation of corporate and operational safety systems, -standards and -initiatives
  • Lead Auditor (internal audits and contractor audits)
  • Conference Speaker


  • Good communicator skills
  • Clear feedback to Top Management
  • Visible HSE management
  • Create energy and belief
  • Turning objectives and goals into practice
  • Raising Managers’ commitment and awareness
  • Persistence, endurance and the ability to work with details and keep the big picture in mind
  • Facilitator and Coach
  • Lead investigator for all types of unwanted events
  • Wide network of professionals – to supplement competence and capacity

Please see my CV for detailed information about clients, projects, industries, investigations, audits, competences and experience.

Curriculum vitae

Download my CV and see details about my experience and competence.