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Archive for September, 2020

BDK live

Free webinar 29th Sept @13:00 CEST: The Bowtie Dialogue Kit

What if your risk assessments were continuously re-assessed by your teams?

  • And, every voice was heard in the process?
  • And, you had real-time feedback on concerns and uncertainties?
  • And, it supported your project in a strong, shared culture of commitment?
  • And, you could also do it online, during Covid-19?

Bowtie Dialogue Kit strongly supports this ‘dream scenario’ in complex projects across industries. It was developed through trials and testing, with large global clients and CGE Risk, and you can hear more about it in our webinar tomorrow at 13:00 CEST. Go here for the dedicated website with a link to join the webinar, either tomorrow, 29th September or later on 6th November 2020 >>