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Archive for September, 2017

“Does stress have anything to do with safety?”

Right now we’re facilitating a serie of workshops to make safety relevant and concrete for people, who are almost never in ‘the field’, for a company with lots of people at the ‘sharp end’ every day.¬†Some of the things they talk about are role models, travel policy, contracts, new markets, cultural differences, reverse parking and safety induction for guests. And then this question is often asked at some point during the workshop:

“Can we talk about stress today – or does that not have anything to do with safety?” That is a really good question – how would you answer this?

Often people based in the office find it difficult to relate to safety. They want to help “do better on safety” but what exactly are they expected to do? Where exactly can they make a difference? In these workshops they assess their culture in relation to the Safety Culture Ladder, and we facilitate discussions where they find tangible and conrete areas where they can make a difference for safety.

The workshops are based on the “Hearts & Minds” tool “Understanding Your Culture”. Read more about the “Hearts & Minds” toolbox here >>